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Reiki & Meditation Healing in Seattle

Lotus Prana LLC is located in Columbia Center  in downtown Seattle.  Our passion is helping people improve their lives. ​Not only do we help you resolve your issues, but also we help you create your positive future which you dream of. We offer inner child healing, Time Line Therapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) sessions and coaching, Lotus Prana Quantum Energy Therapy, traditional Reiki & Kundalini Reiki healing, Qigong and meditation instructions, I-Ching and Fengshui consulting.

Lotus Prana Quantum Energy Therapy is a new type of therapy which was created by Lotus Zheng. It combines holistic counseling with elements of psychology, inner child therapy & inner child healing, Reiki healing, guided meditation, Tibetan Qigong, Chinese I Ching & Bagua, Yin Yang balancing, hormone balancing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, cellular memory reprogramming, ancient formatting clearing from the DNA & DNA memory repairing , Egyptian Seichim healing, aromatherapy and Shamanic healing. Our DNA carries datas and patterns from our older generations and past lives including negative patterns and junk datas. This therapy was designed to remove the negative patterns and junk datas from our DNA. It helps people enter a safe & relaxing inner space filled with positive healing energy, remove the roots which causes negative patterns and issues; heal the inner child, heal the sources, heal the traumas, heal the destructive energy patterns of memories that contain wrong beliefs; transform negative patterns and emotions into positive patterns and emotions; connect with your higher self; bring out the best in you; unlock your creativity ( you will be amazed how much you can do); help you find your real passion and turn your dreams into the reality; help you create a new way to take positive energy from the environment and universe; unlock the blocked energy in the chakras & balance your chakras and hormone to improve your mental & physical health & spiritual growth and gain lasting results in your new life. The therapy heals your inner child & your child issues and helps you create the perfect inner parents for you to take care of your inner child in your entire life. 

The key of the therapy is to remove the root causes of the issues and replace the negative emotions & events with positive emotions and events at the moment when the client's energy system is activated and balanced to gain instant and long lasting results.

Patent Pending  In U.S. A: Serial Number: #16/252,429; 

Overseas: PCT/US2019/017895.

''Future medicine will be based on energy controlling in the body.''

​-----William Tiller,  Quantum Physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate

''All matter is energy.'' -----Albert Einstein ​

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