Inner Child Energy 

Quantum Therapy


Lotus Prana LLC was founded to improve the quality of your life including spirituality. We help you become the best you can be, the happiest you can be. You will be surprised how much inner power you can have with our help. We can help you create a new life that you want to have.  Lotus created a unique therapy method to help people transform their lives in different ways. 

Energy transforming has been a life passion for Lotus.  Since she began practicing Qigong as a teenager in China, she has been searching for the answers of the transformation. Lotus moved to the United States in 2007 to pursue her dream. The most satisfying part of her profession is that “energy therapy … can give people peace, love, joy and balance.” said Lotus. “After each session when I see the positive change in my clients, it is very fulfilling for me.”​​​​​​​