Lotus Prana LLC was founded to improve your quality of life and spirituality. We help you become the best you can be, the happiest you can be.  You will be surprised how much inner power you can have with our help. We can help you create a new life that you want to have. It is our happiness to help you reach your goal. Lotus Prana Zheng is an alternative therapist based in Seattle, Washington, who values unlimited love, compassion, understanding, empathy, and unity in her work and personal life.  From these values, Lotus created a unique energy therapy regimen which combines guided meditation, psychology, inner child therapy, Tibetan Qigong, Reiki healing, Chinese I-Ching and Bagua, Yin Yang balancing, chakra balancing, ancient formatting clearing from the DNA & DNA memory repairing, cellular memory reprogramming, muscle science, Egyptian Seichim healing , Shamantic healing and aromatherapy to enable individual healing, empowerment, and life harmony in her clients.

In over two decades as a practitioner , Lotus has founded Lotus Prana LLC, which offers therapy & healing in downtown Seattle, and Lotus Prana Energy Living, a nonprofit which offers free therapy & healing to people who have sexual identity difficulties & those experiencing mental health crisis, and dislocated homeless people.

​Lotus is also a certified NLP practitioner and coach, a certified Time Line Therapy practitioner and Reiki Master. The healing arts have been a life passion for Lotus since she began practicing Qigong as a teenager in China. As she developed her abilities, she managed her career as a media personality.
Following a profound spiritual awakening that determined her future in healing, Lotus moved to the United States in 2007 to pursue her dream, living in Jackson Hole and San Diego before settling in Seattle in 2013.  The most satisfying part of her profession is that “energy therapy … can give people peace, love and balance.” said Lotus. “After every session when I see the instant positive change in my clients, it is very fulfilling for me.”

Lotus has one published book about the therapy: Play The Magic Of Life Transformation -New Human on New Earth.

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On Sep 12, 2017, the trademark ''Lotus Prana'' and the logo on the website both were registered. 

Lotus has a patent pending for her alternative therapy. Serial No.: In U.S. A: Serial Number: #16/252,429; Overseas: PCT/US2019/017895. 

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