Reviews on Yelp:

Hilda H.:Lotus is an Angel!!! She is so wonderful and kind and incredibly patient. She will go above and beyond to help you. I came to her at a very low point of my life and after the first session I felt so much more peace, so ended up booking several sessions and in each one I felt better and better.

Courtney H.: I have seen Lotus a few times . She really cares about her work and makes you feel comfortable. I came to her depressed and confused about my direction in life and after, I had more motivation to get things done and I know which goals I want to focus on. I absolutely recommend her if you have issues in your past you want to resolve and move on from. I chose her instead of a traditional therapist because she gets you into deep relaxation to heal your inner child and help change your patterns. You will feel better after the first session!​

Avery T. : Just had my first session with Lotus and I have nothing but positive things to write. Lotus has a genuine way of connecting with people and helping them find the light they need. My mental state feels tremendously better already. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to move on from past experiences and find more security within themselves and their futures. Thank you Lotus for such a transformational experience! Looking forward to our future sessions.​​

Tess F. : I had a wonderful session here that left me feeling neutralized and energized. After meeting with her I felt more positive, laughter and able to take next steps forward. Thank you so much for making time for such a meaningful and healing session!

Reviews on Thumbtack .com (A website for finding professionals) : ​​

Craig P. : Best money I ever spent! I felt amazing and I have only had two sessions. 

Amanda T. : Life changing! Lotus is insightful, empathetic, and her guidance and her energy work are transformative. Highly recommend the work!

Lily M. : An all around great experience.

Mayra H. : Lotus is such a caring person. She went beyond helping me on my first session. She takes the time to carefully listen. She is very professional and punctual. I truly enjoyed it and felt so much better after my session with her. Totally recommend her!

Gustavo M. : Thank you Lotus! You helped me so much, thank you for listening to my needs and helping me. I feel like I had a complete energy adjustment and feel so much lighter physically and spiritually. Will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Looking forward to the next session:-)

Darryal D. :Lotus has an incredibly welcoming energy. The few sessions I've had, have helped me tremendously. Im looking forward to my next sessions.

Avery T. : Lotus is amazing to work with. After leaving her sessions I feel extremely energized, full of love and life, much more present in the moment, and confident. I am much happier with my self and my surroundings. Lotus's sessions give you a clearer understanding of your inner self and helps you realize your true passions. These sessions have helped me break through bad habits and given me a much healthier way of viewing the world. Lotus is extremely understanding and empathetic towards any personal struggles. I highly recommend trying a session with Lotus! The benefits are extremely rewarding!

Katie L. : I visited Lotus for energy cleansing and had a great experience. She is professional, kind and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Saba T. : She is very powerful and very loving! I am so glad I found her!! She is changing my life.