energy therapy &

spiritual Healing

    in Seattle

We offer Lotus Prana Quantum Energy therapy, inner child healing, traditional Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Lotus Prana Qigong instruction. We offer sessions on Zoom or Skype if you are not able to get them done in person. In person sessions work better and they are for certain people only. 

Lotus Prana quantum energy therapy works on:
Depression & anxiety;

Self-esteem & confidence in the way that you want;

Traumas; PTSD; Phobias;

Transform Addictions;

Change negative patterns & create positive patterns;
Improve relationships & getting over the old relationships; 
Childhood issues;

Unblock & improve creativity; 

​Improving intuition to help you make the best decision;

Transform negative patterns from DNA which passed on from older generations, so you can pass the advanced DNA to the younger generation;

​Spiritual counseling & spiritual growth;
Connecting with your higher self or your religious belief to receive advice from them;

Raising your vibration & Elevating your consciousness to live in love energy with bliss. 

And much more......


Lotus Prana Qigong Instruction: $180. One hour.    

​Lotus Prana Quantum Energy Therapy: 

Private Sessions: $180 per hour. Package price for 4 sessions: $960 for 4 sessions. 8-12 hours total. 

VIP Sessions: $680 per hour. Designed for leaders and the people who wants the best quality, who are skeptical and don't usually follow others, and the people who tried everything but nothing worked (I have helped many clients like this, you will end your searching here). It's harder to work on this type of people. More patience, knowledge and techniques are needed to custom design the sessions according to the personality & childhood and traumas. For VIP sessions, Lotus may travel out of town if you are willing to pay the travel fee.

Package price for 4 VIP sessions: $3800 (8-12 hours).

It usually takes around 2 hour in most of sessions but it may take 2.5 hours  or longer in the first session because we need to figure out the roots of the issues and decide how to work on the roots. It could go longer if needed. 

Group Sessions: $100 per session. Up to 10 people in a group.