We offer traditional Reiki, Kundalini Reiki,  healing, Lotus Prana Quantum Energy Therapy sessions and transcendental meditation instruction. We do sessions on Skype if you are not in Seattle.

Lotus Prana quantum energy therapy works on:
Depression & anxiety;

Self-esteem & confidence;

Traumas; PTSD; Phobias;

Addictions & Healthy life style ;

Change negative patterns & create positive patterns;
Stress & Pain reduction;
Improve relationships & getting over the old relationships; 

Sexual Performance;
Childhood issues;

unblock & improve creativity; 

Correct wrong information & wrong memory & wrong patterns from DNA which passed on from older generations, so you can pass the advanced DNA to the younger generation;

Aura & Energy cleansing & chakra balancing; 

​Energy attack & energy implant removal;

​Spiritual counseling & spiritual growth;
Connecting with your higher self & spirit guides or your religious belief to receive advice from them;

Raising your vibration & Elevating your conscious & subconscious to live in love energy with bliss. 

And much more......


Traditional Reiki: $120 per session which is usually 1 hour long.

Kundalini Reiki: $150 per session. 1 hour long. 

Transcendental Meditation Instruction: $70 for a 30 minutes session, $120 for a one hour session.

​Lotus Prana Quantum Energy Therapy: 

Private Sessions: $ 180 per hour. You will receive 50% off in the first session. ​the first session is about 2-2.5 hours. Package price for 4 sessions: $960. Each following session is about 2 hours. You may ask for discount if you have a low income. 

Executive VIP Sessions: $680 per hour. You will receive 50% in the first session. Designed for leaders, executives, the people who wants the best quality and who are skeptical and don't usually follow others, and the people who tried everything but nothing worked (I have helped many clients like this, you will end your searching here). It's harder to work on this type of people and the therapist needs much more patience, knowledge and techniques to custom design the sessions according to the personality & childhood and traumas. For VIP sessions, we may travel to your place if you are willing to pay the travel fee.

Package price for 4 VIP sessions: $3800 (8-12 hours).

It usually takes 2 hour in most of sessions but it may take 2.5 hours  in the first session because we need to figure out the roots of the issues and decide how to work on the roots. You may apply for discounts if you have a low income. 

​We offer half an hour free consultation.  After the consultation, if clients decide to have a session, they will receive 50% discount for the first session. 

Group Sessions: $90 per session. Up to 10 people in a group. 

energy therapy &

spiritual Healing

    in Seattle