Lotus Prana Quantum TherapyTraining:

It's a 6 day training. It starts from the first Saturday of the month. 10am-6pm every Saturday and Sunday for 3 weekends. You will

be granted a certificate after you pass the tests. It gives you permit to practice the therapy professionally and use the trade mark

''lotus Prana'. Lotus Prana LLC  does  the  general  marking  for the  therapy. In each  location, it's only  allowed to  have  one

practitioner to avoid competition. If you do not pass the tests, you may take the classes for free until you pass the tests and are granted  a  certificate. It's  also  good  for people  who want to resolve  the  issues & develop  their lives and reach their goals for themselves & friends and family. 

Instructor: Lotus Prana Zheng

​Tuition: $1500. Training material included. 

Audience: Therapists, healers, spiritual practitioners, wise souls who want to transform their and their loved ones lives, who want to remove their limitations to create their dream lives.

Introduction Class of Lotus Prana Quantum Therapy:

Along with a group session for stress reduction & confidence & happiness and a VERY interesting exercise about 

connecting others by energy. 

Instructor: Lotus Prana Zheng

Fee: $120

When: the 4th Sunday of the month. 1pm-4pm.

I -Ching Class: How to Do I-Ching by Yourself to Improve Your Life

Instructor: Lotus Prana Zheng

Fee: $120

When: the 3rd Sunday of the month. 1pm-4pm.

How to See and Read People's Auras 

Instructor: Lotus Prana Zheng

Fee: $120

When: the 2nd Sunday of the month, 1pm-4pm.

How to practice Transcendental Meditation to Improve Your Life

Instructor: Lotus Prana Zheng

Fee: $50

When: the 1st Sunday of the month, 1pm-3pm.

Location: The Northern Conference Room, Safeco Plaza, 1001 4th Ave, Suite 3200, Seattle, WA98154
Registration: Please e-mail info@lotusprana.com to register 24 hours before the event.